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Window mobile platform has gained significant momentum during past few years and becoming more and more mature platform to attract users and developer community. After aquiring mobile giant Nokia, Windows is now able to grab significant chunk of market. With sizable marketplace, it is attracting developers and users to build apps using Windows OS as well. With the existing heavy penetration in the corporate, Windows mobile is set to attract enterprise mobility solutions using Windows mobile platform. The current applications and software running on Microsoft technologies have high compatibility with the windows based mobile apps. Windows mobile apps are thus becoming more and more suitable for corporate environment and participating more in enterprise mobility space especially in bring you own device – BYOD – services.

Strong ecosystem and familiarity with Windows technologies, developers are finding it quite friendly and easy to work on.

Having extensive experience on Microsoft technologies and relevant partnerships, Metanest has been one of first movers in Windows mobile application development. Metanest provides high quality development services in this domain. Our team is constantly updated with the latest features and new development capabilities offered by Windows mobile platform.


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