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Unlike iOS and Windows, Android OS has been an open platform for development for mobile applications and games. Based on Linux Kernel, Android allows developers to write code in JAVA to develop android applications. Initially supported by Google, Android has emerged as one of leading mobile operating systems and captures around 78% of global smartphone market (in the year 2013).

Metanest has an experienced team of Android developers with strong programming and analytical skills. Adept at Android SDK, Java and API Libraries such as Media, Location, Wi-Fi etc., Metanest team has developed a varied suit of applications. Metanest has developed and deployed android applications for clients in US, UK and Australia. Our android development services include:

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Location based Application Development
  • Content Delivery Platforms
  • Utility Applications
  • Game based applications

Skill Sets and Technologies

  • Android SDK, Eclipse
  • JAVA Programming
  • Integration with Social Media applications
  • Location based services
  • Integration with 3rd party services such as Google APIs, APN, InMobi etc.
  • Integration with Mobile Advertisement and Analytics Platforms


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