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Social media applications

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Social media applications

Metanest is a social media application provider with expertise in developing social networking portals and custom applications on leading social media platforms. Social media is one of the fastest and successful growing platforms on internet and we help our clients leverage this platform to improve their existing business processes. Our social media applications have helped our clients in following aspects:

  1. Social media applications such as Facebook apps have enabled clients to effectively engage with their consumers in the form of contests, games,polls, pages and campaigns.
  2. Using social media APIs, we have developed custom applications to enable our clients analyze their consumers in social aspects and accordingly strategize their marketing and sales plans.
  3. Our custom applications have enabled clients to review and improve their existing processes of social media engagement
  4. Our social media monitoring tools have helped clients to manage their brand effectively.

Our technical expertise and years of experience enable us to build innovative and effective social media application solutions. Social media is all about innovation and how an idea is presented. Our approach is to understand your business and deliver a solution which can be optimized as per your strategic and core business requirements.

We provide following application development services in social media:

  • Social Networking Portal development
  • Custom Applications integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus
  • Community Portal development for vertical market
  • Game development
  • Facebook Application development
  • Development on Elgg, Kune, Drupal and Joomla.


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