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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content ofa page when looking at its layout.

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eLearning solutions

Metanest is an eLearning service provider with expertise in developing custom e-learning solutions, enterprise applications, learning management systems, content migration & content transformation. With increased penetration of smartphones and laptops in employees and students, the world of e-learning has drastically changed in the past 5 years. From the content delivering methods to the content itself, everything has undergone a lot of transformation and will continue to do so in the coming years. An organization has to maintain their learning systems in sync with the rapidly evolving technologies, mobile and desktop platforms and especially, their learning and training requirements.

Metanest’s technical and domain expertise has helped our clients to meet their learning needs. Our solutions have enabled clients to simplify their training and learning process, improve user experience, enhance inter-communication and motivate their users. Over the years, Metanest has provided cost-effective solutions to leading organizations, including corporate, academic institutions.

We adopt latest technologies to provide an engaging and effective eLearning experience.

Our suit of e-learning solutions include

  • Content Transformation
  • Content Migration
  • Custom Learning Management Systems
  • Moodle Development Services
  • Enterprise Portal development
  • Web Learning Portal development
  • Custom applications for content delivery


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