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Technology Consulting

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Technology Consulting

Mega technology waves are impacting and shaping organizations and industries in a profound way.

Metanest’s Technology Consulting team can help you ride these waves by defining and executing a technology agenda that supports your business strategy and harnesses the power of technology innovation, while squeezing value out of your legacy environments, to drive high performance.  We deliver value by leveraging emerging technologies – cloud, everything-as-a-service, mobility, social, big data, analytics – and maximizing the value of your legacy environment.

We combine our end-to-end portfolio of technology services—from strategy and architecture to security and infrastructure—with a proven, outcome-oriented approach to improve the design, efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ IT capabilities.

IT Strategy: Setting the overall agenda for IT to support business strategy execution.
Enterprise Architecture & Application Strategy: Defining the overall technology blueprint and transition plan that underpin the strategy.
Information & Data Strategy: Improving the management, governance and security of the information critical to achieving business objectives.
Security: Reducing risk and enabling new business initiatives by defining and implementing security strategies.
Infrastructure: Defining and adopting the infrastructure blueprint required to support the IT strategy.


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