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Software Services and Applications

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Software Services and Applications

Metanest Mobility provides software development services for mobile applications including custom, packaged, and hosted client, client/server and cloud-based solutions with support for all leading high-level operating systems (HLOS) and cloud platforms.

These services are often provided in combination with Metanest Mobility Consulting as part of a broad mobility strategy and planning effort.

Mobility Software Services – Applications

Custom Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development combines leading edge commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms so organizations can deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality.

Application Factory

Metanest application factory offering addresses key market challenges across people, process and Infrastructure/tools. Device/platform requirements are addressed by a pool of experts (Application architects, UX/UI designers, test automation experts, etc.) and cross platform skilled engineers with deep skills in application development.

Mobile Application Testing

Metanest mobile application testing brings together Metanest’s deep knowledge of the enterprise, expertise in mobile technologies and strong end-to-end testing practices to help all organizations fast track mobility deployments.


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