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Development of a 2nd generation learning management system for a leading corporate university. This system allows learner to chose their learning elements based on their preferences. The back end system has been developed based on latest LOM standards. This has been developed using Moodle and Zend framework. The SaaS based structure at different level allows client to sell different subscription model at LO, community, University or company level.


Yatra Forums

Development of customer engagement platform for Yatra to help them build better relationships with their customers. The platform has features like idea forums, blogs, ticket management and surveys to engage with customers. The platform is equipped with a powerful social media monitoring tool which monitors the world of web and employ data analytics and sentiment analysis to track performance of the brand ‘Yatra’.


Quizup App

Metanest has delivered an application shell for Cambridge University (UK) to bring their elearning content on mobile devices. This shell delivers the high quality content to targeted students across the globe. This interactive app provides the performance report of each user and interactive progress map having social media integration capabilities and avatar customizations. The project includes design and development of shell, API and server development that acts as repository of content.