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Enterprise Mobility

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Industry Solutions » 

Enterprise Mobility

Metanest Mobility consulting services helps our clients develop mobility strategies, mobility business and technology plans and design mobility solutions to drive additional enterprise and customer value.

  • Enterprise mobility planning and design
  • Vertical mobility offering evaluation and design
  • Employee needs assessment
  • Mobility application architectures
  • Mobility technology and device planning

Mobility Strategy and Planning
Mobility strategy consulting services that help clients develop mobility strategies and accompanying mobility business and technology plans to drive additional enterprise and customer value.
Custom Mobile Application Development
Combines leading edge commercial and custom applications, middleware and platforms. So organizations can deploy secure and easy-to-manage mobile functionality. Device/platform requirements are addressed by a pool of experts and cross platform skilled engineers with deep skills in application development.
Mobile Application Testing
Brings together Metanest’s deep knowledge of the enterprise, expertise in mobile technologies and strong end-to-end testing practices to help all organizations fast track mobility deployments. These services provide large scale, integrated solutions utilizing the full complement of Metanest Mobility offerings to service the enterprise mobility needs of our clients (e.g., business to employee, business to business and business to consumer solutions).
Workforce Management
Helps organizations improve the efficiency of their distributed field force—employees or contractors— through business process re-engineering, cultural change, organizational structure, performance management and workforce management tools.
Sales Force Automation
Gives sales team members access to key product information allowing them to perform critical sales functions –

  • Accessing product information,
  • Placement of orders,
  • Checking order status,
  • Updating sales pipeline information
  • and Looking up client details.


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