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Education industry is making a big leap in terms of technology adoption especially with the advancements in web and mobile as education delivery platforms. The solutions are now being developed harnessing the best of technology options available. Metanest has been serving this domain for long and has been a pioneer in developing innovative solutions. We have developed numerous elearning solutions as learning management systems, mobile based learning apps, device plus content solutions etc so school and higher education sector.

Metanest’s unique ability to deliver best out of latest web and mobile capabilities available along with deep domain knowledge has been pivotal in providing state of art solutions. Starting from content creation till content delivery, Metanest is handling end to end solutions in this value chain. Our assessment platform – – for online skill assessments is being used for testing the skills of the candidates.

Below are some of the key solutions in this domain:

  1. Second generation elearning platform for web and mobile
  2. mLearning by using native and HTML5 based mobile applications
  3. Game based learning with high level interactive element usages
  4. Content transformation by domain expert
  5. Tablet based learning modules
  6. Student teacher collaboration applications
  7. Cross browser and cross platform solutions
  8. Assessment engines


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