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Engagement Models

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Engagement Models

A. Development center

Development centers have teams of offshore resources which will act as either extension of existing client’s team or a new team altogether. This increases efficiency in terms of execution and economy. It provides project management and delivery capabilities with best practices in development and support & maintenance.

Offshore development centerMetanest offshore development center model involves offshore team that works in tandem with assigned manager using latest collaboration tools and practices. Our development facility is equipped with all communication tools, infrastructure and standard practices which ensure smooth engagement model.
This model is preferred by clients who is looking for long term plan for development services and looking for strong cost advantage and thus increased ROI

Hybrid Development CenterHybrid development model, takes advantage of onsite as well as offshore capabilities to deliver projects with reduced costs and overheads. Metanest resources work from onsite and offshore centers with dedicated team and managers. Client directly interacts with Metanest through onsite team based at client’s location making coordination easy and fast avoiding any miscommunication and thus increased productivity.

BOT ModelBuild Operate and Transfer model is suitable for clients who want to establish their presence in India and provides a low risk entry strategy for its global clientele. This will have client’s have their own center once the complete process is over.
This involves comprehensive set of services that are required to establish complete facility. With strong vendor management system for all kind of services required, we provide the best in class BOT model implementation.

B. Staff Augmentation

Time and MaterialThis model is preferred when there is undefined or partially defined scope, specification, timelines and implementation plan at the beginning of engagement. The requirements are not defined completely and expected to evolve during the course of time. This model provides flexibility to our clients to plan for the resources and cost as per their wish as the project progresses transitions into phases. The resource quantity can be ramp up or ramp down as per project plan based on client’s preferences and schedules. This provides more control and visibility over the complete development process.

Fixed costThis model is preferred when requirements, schedule, milestones and deliverables are defined at the start of the engagement. The client and Metanest have complete visibility on the project plan and effort to be involved. This is on time within budget model with minor changes in the scope during the course of development. This reduces the risk for clients in terms of delivery and complete responsibility is on Metanest.

Development approaches:

Sprint based Agile Development:In a Sprint based development approach, you get a team of professionals who are deployed in the project / contract. This team can be scaled up and down, and the sprints of the team can be defined based on the work load and milestones.

Phase wise Iterative development:Out here, well defined iterations in terms of phases are defined and the project is developed in a phased approach. These phases or iterations can be developed as fixed price projects and have the normal development cycle for each phase.

Fixed price Waterfall development model:For some of the straight forward projects, our traditional waterfall model suits the best. In which case there is a clear scope, cost and time-line for the project, defined at the start.

SLA based on-going support and maintenance:We provide proper implementation of services in a specific period of time and a dedicated support team for a set of applications or infrastructure to be supported remotely. This can also be provided on a shift basis where 24/7 support is required.

Activity based research projects:These projects are based on initial feasibility study. It is highly unlikely that these projects can be executed as fixed price. Most likely these projects will be activity based.

Consulting & Assessment:During the initial stage of engagement with our clients, an assessment might be required to assess the current IT portfolio and technology needs and also to come up with the recommendation and IT road map. These consulting assignments are typically charged on an hourly or credit basis.

Innovation labs and Centers of Excellence

Modeled after a dedicated offshore development center, the Metanest’s innovation labs and Center of Excellence (CoE) allows customers to retain expertise through dedicated Core teams. In addition, CoE helps our clients manage variability in both demand and makeup of services through the addition of expanded teams around key services or technologies. Centers of Excellence exist for a number of our strategic clients and range from engagement based teams focused on a key technological capability (such as mobility, cloud etc), to Centers built around a specific innovation in services such as Support-as-a-Service (SLA-driven support).

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