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Management Team

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About Us » 

Management Team

Our strength is our vibrant team which enables us to deliver the BEST to our clients. Accumulating more knowledge each day is everyone’s passion at Metanest – and that’s our prime selling proposition.

Abhinav Mishra
VP – Client Servicing

Abhinav is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur. He manages client servicing and strategy development at Metanest. With a flair in internet brand management, Abhinav has successfully executed several challenging projects. Prior to founding Metanest, Abhinav worked with IBM and ZS Associates.

Nidhi Mittal
Global Business Partner

Nidhi, MBA graduate from Hult International B-School – USA, is a seasoned and versatile business professional with 14+yrs of extensive global experience encompassing Business Operations,Service Delivery,Business Alliances, Account Management and Advanced Leadership. She is involved in building global business partnerships and alliances for Metanest and customer engagement.

Arvind Baswan
VP ANZAC Operations

Arvind has led successful IT & Media projects since last 20 years, he has lived and worked in India,Australia, UK & Singapore. With his vast knowledge and experience in technology and media industryArvind’s ability to envision creativity and innovation is impeccable. Apart from being an self drivenentrepreneur Arvind is well known Author and Public Speaker.

Amandeep Garg
Global Alliances Partner (US & Canada)

Aman, MBA graduate from York University – Canada is championing the cause of Value Creation while working in a High-Performance Team.Aman is a global alliances partner with Metanest and handles business partnerships and customer engagements in US and Canada.

Raj Jha
VP – Global Sales

Raj is an IT sales professional with over 12+ years of experience of managing and delivering IT projects. He has worked in Europe for 5 years and has travelled extensively in Middle East and Asia for work. Raj bridges the gap between clients and developers by ensuring he understands the problem completely and provides the most optimum solution.

Pottu Venugopal
VP – Operations

Venu, a techie from IIT Kharagpur has ample experience in internet research and development. With strong foundation in web technologies, he is responsible for technical innovations at Metanest, besides performing other crucial operations such as quality assurance and product development.

Saurabh Gupta
VP – Mobile Technology

Saurabh, an Electrical Engg graduate from IIT Kharagpur, is a technical head with vast experience in mobile based technologies and development. Prior to joining Metanest, Saurabh has co founded Daphne Systems. Saurabh is heading mobile division and playing key role in mobile based product development at Metanest.

Sumeet Kumar
VP – Technology

Sumeet, a computer science graduate from IIT Roorkee, is responsible for leading the product development team at Potknox. With strong foundations in core technologies and complex algorithms, Sumeet has played a key role in product development division With over 9 years of experience.

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